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Good Patient Advocates Have:

  • desire to help

  • passion

  • empathy

  • excellent communication skills

  • time management skills

  • organizational skills

  • unafraid to ask questions

  • ability to do research

  • problem solving skills

  • creativity (think outside the box)

  • interpersonal skills

  • patience

  • persistence

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Do you wish you had someone to take you to and from your Doctor's appointments, provide support during your visits, and review everything with you when you return home. After the appointment, we can help with submitting and picking up prescriptions. We'll even update your children and close family if you need us to!

Worrying about your aging parent following through on medical advice from their Doctor(s) can be confusing. We're here to take the hard work out of it and make your life as easy as possible. If you feel totally clueless about what is medically "going on" with your Mom or Dad, give us a call and we'll help you stay informed!

Sometimes patients are asked to fill out tedious paperwork with a list of your current medications. It's not uncommon to forget most of their Doctor's advice after they leave the office. We can help provide a synopsis of your Doctor's visit to remind you exactly what was discussed between you and your Doctor.

Have you ever felt confused, frustrated and alone when listening to your doctor? We'll be your second "set of ears" to take down everything, and relay it to you after the appointment at a pace that guarantees you will understand. We can also act as an "experienced medical friend" to ask specific medical questions for you.

What makes a good patient advocate?

The Meriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word advocate as:

  1. one that pleads the cause of another;

  2. one that defines or maintains a cause or proposal, or;

  3. one that suppports or promotes the interests of another.

There are multiple organizations that have their own patient advocates, which are often directly connected to the risk management division of their business. They may have different titles, such as ombudsman, customer service representative, patient liaison and health advocate. These individuals are available to assist the patient, but their main job is to keep their organization risk free.


This information is crucial! When you work with a private, Patient Advocate (RN) you will compensate her/him to guide you through your medical issues; therefore, your advocate is totally focused on you and your success. You will work together to reach your desired outcome and make them happen.

A Good Patient Advocate will assist patients through diagnosis and treatment, and ideally should have a background in health and medicine, as a doctor, nurse or other medical profession. Examples of assistance include helping a client coordinate with medical professionals, provide patients insight to help them make treatment choices, or even help them find the right doctors.


Coastal Patient Advocates, LLC provides a seasoned, licensed and local, registered nurse (RN, MSN) as a professional healthcare advocate to help you navigate the confusing healthcare system. We work with you and your loved ones to ensure you are getting the correct treatment for your healthcare needs. Everyone's situation is unique and you deserve someone to advocate on your behalf so you receive the specialized attention and treatment which promotes your optimal health.


Patient Advocates Make Your Life Easier


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